Welcome to Sticker Heaven!

Welcome to Well & Truly Stuck, where all your favourite characters are in sticker format!

We started this website when we had our first child and wanted to decorate their room with fun wall stickers. We spent a long time searching and found very little places offering high quality stickers are reasonable prices. So we decided to source our own stickers, happened to get in touch direct with factories and set about selling stickers. As we are a small family run business, we provide a personal service with products we’d only be happy with using ourself. Therefore if you are not completely satisfied you can return any product for a full refund, including your return postage costs. All our products also come with FREE UK delivery and International Delivery also available.


Below are a selection of our current best sellers.

http://www.wellandtrulystuck.co.uk/shop/rocket-space-ship-nursery-wall-sticker-decoration/  Peppa-Pig-Nursery-Wall-Sticker-Decoration-191401112545  London-England-Phone-Box-Big-Ben-Routemaster-Nursery-Wall-Sticker-Decoration-201210026480
 Disney-Frozen-Characters-Nursery-Wall-Sticker-Decoration-201210026169  Bob-the-Builder-Style-Construction-Vehicles-Nursery-Wall-Sticker-Decoration-201210026067  Disney-Mickey-Mouse-and-Minnie-Mouse-Party-Nursery-Wall-Sticker-Decoration-191401112410-2
 Disney-Frozen-Snow-Queen-Character-Nursery-Wall-Sticker-Decoration-201210026214  Vehicles-Train-Fire-Engine-Digger-Builder-Police-Boys-Wall-Sticker-201203041450  Robots-Rockets-Large-Nursery-Wall-Sticker-Decoration-191316860492